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In discussion about Civil Leadership in Ottawa – video

International Leadership Association Conference 2019

Steven de Waal speaks about the Civil Leadership that is required because of the fundamental changes the Digital Civil Revolution brings. [Read more below video]

Our societies, institutions and social fabric are currently in the early stages of the third revolution of humanity, the Digital Civil Revolution. New Leadership is required because of fundamental change in the public domain. In Steven de Waal’s book ( he analyzes the new strategic context due to the new digital technologies. A new public leadership is required, based on character and values, public passion and rhetorical skills that fit this new public domain.
His questions for the roundtable discussions at the ILA-conference:

  1. Do you agree that the new digital technologies fundamentally change the public arena, the public domain and the power of citizens in public opinion, datagathering and self-organization?
  2. Do you agree that we need civil leadership to lead and harness this new power and stimulate citizenship and civil society by leaders who have the rhetorical skills, values and attitude of ‘one-of-us, citizens’?
  3. Do you agree that at this point most leaders, both political and private, deny and ignore this new power of citizens and so make the same mistake as we saw in disruption of markets?

Download an overview of the issues that were discussed at the roundtable discussion hosted by Dr. De Waal.

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