Disruptive citizenship

13 November 2019

We make the City – video

Lecture at the symposium of Amsterdam Economists

18 October 2019

The (threatening) Disruption of Democracy – podcast

Interview - podcast

13 October 2019

Disruption(s) of Democracy and New Public Leadership

The opening up of the Public Arena for New Public Leaders

2 September 2019

Digitalization as the Burning Platform of Health Care

Closing remarks of an executive conference

9 February 2019

A new public arena: How #disruptivecitizenship changes public leadership

The public opinion is now for the first time in history by, from and of the public itself

1 December 2018

New book ‘Civil Leadership as the Future of Leadership’

Harnessing the disruptive power of citizens

21 November 2018

Disruptive citizenship – introduction to the theme

Politics will also be disrupted by new civil power

Civil Leadership

26 April 2020

Time to sharpen our strategic intelligence to see through the crisis

Part one: What can we learn from a previous 'recent' strategic analysis?

26 April 2020

What about civil power and civil leadership?

Part two: Does our previous 'recent' strategic vision stand this test of corona crisis?

6 April 2020

The Corona Crisis and Civil Leadership

Civil Leadership is now showing and necessary

11 December 2019

In discussion about Civil Leadership in Ottawa – video

International Leadership Association Conference 2019

14 November 2019

The Need for Public Dialogue – video


14 November 2019

The Need for Public Dialogue – podcast


7 November 2019

The new Public Arena and necessary Public Leadership – video

The impact of the battle for the eyeballs on public leadership and the way citizens are currently using their new power.

6 November 2019

About Civil Leadership – video


6 November 2019

About Civil Leadership – podcast


Social entrepreneurship

17 June 2019

Lecturing and visiting thinktanks in Finland – video

The power of citizens and thinktanks

14 May 2019

Administration of a soccer club: 10 years of FC Utrecht

‘One ball gone astray and the administration is no good’

25 February 2019

New Website: Next Step

Fast technical developments in digital world: modernising after only 10 years

21 November 2018

Social entrepreneurship – introduction to the theme

To do good things and contribute to society as an entrepreneur

29 March 2018

Disruptive power in healthcare

A revolution is going on in healthcare

31 March 2010

Health Care Overview

Rising cost and an aging population In many industrialized countries healthcare services are under constant pressure from rising costs and an aging population.

31 May 2005

Public Broadcasting in International Perspective

How to empower a healthy civil society in the digital information age?

18 April 2005

Contracting Out

A standard instrument used by governments around the globe

13 April 2005

The Power of Demand Steering As Central Policy Concept

Lessons to learn from the 1980's

13 April 2005

Public-private Partnership: 3 models

Creating the public domain and public services in cooperation with each other

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