1 December 2018

New book ‘Civil Leadership as the Future of Leadership’

Harnessing the disruptive power of citizens

14 October 2014

The Value(s) of Civil Leaders

A Study into the Influence of Governance Context on Public Value Orientation

18 April 2004

EEN 7: The Role of Government in Innovation Policy

Executive Exchange Network (EEN) conference 7


11 December 2019

In discussion about Civil Leadership in Ottawa – video

International Leadership Association Conference 2019

14 November 2019

The Need for Public Dialogue – video


13 November 2019

We make the City – video

Lecture at the symposium of Amsterdam Economists

7 November 2019

The new Public Arena and necessary Public Leadership – video

The impact of the battle for the eyeballs on public leadership and the way citizens are currently using their new power.

6 November 2019

About Civil Leadership – video


17 June 2019

Lecturing and visiting thinktanks in Finland – video

The power of citizens and thinktanks

17 October 2017

How the New Power of Patients will change Health Care – video

Interview with Management Events


14 November 2019

The Need for Public Dialogue – podcast


6 November 2019

About Civil Leadership – podcast


18 October 2019

The (threatening) Disruption of Democracy – podcast

Interview - podcast

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