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Mastering the ABC of Education

Education is so fundamental in one’s upbringing that it is not an option to compromise: every child should have a good education regardless of its socio-economic class.
Although everyone would agree with that endgoal, how to achieve it is a different matter altogether. There is a certain amount of tension between the aim of parents to get their child the best education possible and the public interest in making sure no kids stay behind. Society doesn’t benefit from educational divides amongst its members.

A trend away from government?

Is government retreating from national education? One would almost start to believe so. Although organising education on a central level has some clear advantages in uniformity as well as guaranteeing affordable education for everyone, it is clearly not an easy task to accomplish.
And decentralization or involvement of the for-profit sector could be the answer to systemic problems of under-funding, inefficiency and unprofessionalism that plagues public education in certain countries. Involving those sectors provides education with a new impetus and could be a good complement to continued government education programs.

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